Which Program is Right for You?

Which Program is Right for You?

Workforce Development Programs Meet Industry Demands

Community colleges play a unique role in filling workforce needs, especially in Boston. As 90% of Massachusetts community college alumni remain in the Commonwealth after graduating, community college workforce development programs are crucial to providing employers with skilled graduates who are committed to improving their lives and their communities.

In recent months, our national workforce has endured a number of unforeseen obstacles. As countless industries attempt to adapt and respond to these challenges, many are struggling to maintain stability in light of the unprecedented strains placed on skilled labor and first responders.

As a result, community colleges have reinforced their professional and economic development programs as well as their specialized labor training offerings in order to meet the growing demands of the workforce and workers.

A Nexus Between Supply and Demand

So many of our essential industries – healthcare, bio-technology, transportation, and IT fields, just to name a few – are working to rebuild and revamp their recruiting efforts. Workforce development programs are aligning their efforts so they can optimize the personal and economic potentials for students, workers, and employers.

The ultimate goal of workforce development initiatives is to increase economic mobility on all fronts –students do well and employers do well. At Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC), we provide professional development programs, education opportunities, career counseling services, and skilled labor training for pre-college and adult learners in our surrounding communities. We also work closely with employers and workforce partner agencies so that we can connect skilled labor to careers in the industries that so desperately need them.

Support Services and Growth Opportunities

Community college workforce development programs offer holistic services to their communities, including educators, employers, college students, and life-long learners. Our mission is to provide career advancement opportunities and industry-leading training options to our communities. We focus on closing gaps in the current workforce while furthering academic success and personal achievement for individuals.

Because we have the privilege of supporting diverse, passionate, and innovative communities, our variety of program offerings are designed to be accessible, progressive, and flexible.

Some of the services we offer include:

• Adult Education & College Transition programs
• Test prep courses
• Online certification programs Like Google IT, EKG and Phlebotomy
• Career advancement, customized training and employer counseling
• ESL, Spanish, and additional language classes
• Entrepreneurship and small business support

Additionally, we are proud to partner with industry leaders in our international communities in order to provide equitable access to our career, community education, and intercultural learning opportunities.

The workforce and economic development program at Bunker Hill Community College serves thousands of students, professionals, and other life-long learners each year. We are committed to the communities we serve and are dedicated to increasing corporate learning, professional development, and community education opportunities for all. We collaborate closely with the MASSHIRE Workforce Development system to offer training solutions. Our programs work diligently to secure the necessary tools, specialized grant funding, and additional resources needed to fortify our workforce now, and in the future.

Our local economy has evolved significantly over the past few months; both BHCC and RCC have launched new programs to meet these changing needs. Regardless of workforce demands, community colleges will always be poised to create innovative, short-term training programs to meet current needs. Our adaptable nature and commitment to our immediate service areas result in workforce development teams making unparalleled connections to the local community.

See how workforce and economic development initiatives at Bunker Hill Community College and Roxbury Community College and are rising to meet growing industry demands.

Workforce Development Programs at Roxbury Community College

Roxbury Community College also offers several short-term training programs designed to meet the needs of Boston’s largest employers.

Visit RCC’s website for more information on Workforce Development programs; or, contact Executive Director Salvador Pina at [email protected] or 857-701-1604.


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